Climate Innovations

I have been having a discussion with a dear friend and colleague, Susan Tanner, former president of Friends of the Earth and a fearless environmentalist. She feels, and she is right, that we are in dire straits when it comes to climate change impacts, and although I agree with her, we don't agree on the best way to stimulate greater action. Do we need to keep sounding the alarm as environmental groups have done for ages, or do we need to highlight all the amazing work that is happening on the ground but will it be enough?  We will continue our conversation over the summer, meanwhile, I will keep blogging on climate innovations, hoping that governments will sit up and begin bold, courageous leadership to the carbon neutral economy. What gives me hope is that the private sector is now realizing both the necessity and economic benefits of changing, and are leaping forward.

For example, Volvo has announced that all car models launched after 2019 will be electric and hybrids. And Toyota, a world leader in introducing the first hybrids, has announced a near break-through on a new kind of battery technology that makes it possible to create smaller, more lightweight lithium-ion batteries for use in EVs, that could also potentially boost the total charge capacity and result in longer-range vehicles. And Australian indigenous leaders are bringing carbon farming to Canada.