A Greener Future for the Aviation Industry

This article highlights how several airports in North America are striving to be greener, and finding innovative and responsible ways to keep up with demand for air travel in a time where the reduction of our carbon footprint is at the forefront of many industries’ long term visions. As it states in the article, the aviation industry is what accounts for two percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, and up to nine percent of the climate change impact of human activity. In just one example, Denver is operating the “largest alternatively fueled, compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle fleets in the U.S”. Others are changing policies, implementing new technology and investing in and committing to long-term carbon reduction goals, similar to those put forth by national governments.

It is hopeful to see recognition on the part of some industry leaders in their role in the GHG problem we face, and it is encouraging to see them be proactive in being the change they want to see. That being said, it is imperative we put the pressure on the whole aviation industry to meet and exceed these types of goals while ensuring that the whole corporate sector is held just as responsible for bringing about positive change as governments.