Co-Benefits of Climate Action

We just led a virtual conversation on the co-benefits of acting on climate change. The e-audience included a mayor, a municipal councilor and a researcher from Scotland in addition to researchers and practitioners from across the country. While we didn’t get into the results of Brexit, many ideas about the co-benefits of acting on climate change emerged.

MC3's response to the BC CLP

In July, the BC Government released a paper designed to stimulate discussion around the Province’s developing Climate Leadership Plan. The discussion paper outlines goals and areas of action that the Province is currently focusing on, and then invites stakeholders and the greater public to provide feedback on these focus areas.

A Picture of Energy Use in Canada - A New Interactive Visualization

Energy is the fundamental driving force of all life and community infrastructure; it influences the ways we work, play and live and our future options for human well-being. The manner in which we develop and operate our energy systems is a critical first step in achieving sustainable communities and lifestyles. We therefore must ask – what has Canada relied on for energy and how will we continue to power this country?

Exploring Pathways: Deep Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions

Exploring Pathways: Deep Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions by 2050 in BC Communities was prepared through the MC3 project the behalf of BC Hydro. This report explores future energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions trajectories that achieve deep GHG emissions reductions and makes recommendations for policies that are required to achieve reduction targets.

Emissions: A Climate Comedy

An interesting opportunity has been posted on for someone with an aptitude and/or interest in both the theatrical arts and environmental issues. A script for an award-winning play (Best in Fest at the 2013 Ottawa Fringe Festival) that takes a comedic, satirical view on climate change has been made available under a creative commons license for anyone who wishes to download it and use it for a local production.

MC3 Raindrop Plots Released

We have just released a raindrop plot, a deeper exploration of the research outcomes from our climate adaptation and mitigation research, MC3 case study data. This visualization highlights key concepts that were developed through discussions among the MC3 interdisciplinary team, using the case study protocol and research outcomes to guide our analysis.

Case Study Word Clouds

We have just released a series of eleven word clouds through the MC3 site, one word cloud for each of the BC case communities. These visualizations were developed using interview data collected through the MC3 research, and thus use a richer set of text that the streamlined published case studies. Each word cloud shows the key concepts that emerged through the data for a respective community, and displays these concepts by their relative strength (i.e., size).